Successful Women Speak Differently - Book Review

Feb. 17, 2022 | 
★𝔹𝕆𝕆𝕂 β„π”Όπ•π•€π”Όπ•Ž★ 'Successful Women Speak Differently' by Valorie Burton

'Successful Women Speak Differently' is a practical book that offers constructive advice on how to change our communication methods so we can be more successful in all areas of life.

Valorie Burton raises many valid points that made a lot of sense, but there's a particular point I will focus on that really resonated with me:

Sometimes when we are at a loss on what to do or how to move forward after experiencing a setback, we tend to blame ourselves and use words of self-pity and self-condemnation. This, ofcourse, leads us to believe there's no way out of the situation or setback. Valorie suggests finding the pivot point where we take back control of those words and thoughts and flip the script instead. Stop stewing over what you can't control and instead focus on what you can control.

So rather than say 'If no one else has overcome it, I don't know why I should think I will', change your self-talk to 'How have successful people I look up to worked around this problem? Whom do I know who could help me?' Instead of saying 'This world is unfair; My life is unfair', say instead 'I will make the most of what I can control, even if that means making a big, scary change.'

That really hit home, because, let's face it, life can be hard sometimes. We face so many trials of all shapes, sizes, and levels and we feel at a loss on how to move forward. But when we begin to think this way -- focusing on what we can control and how we can change what we can control (instead of dwelling on everything that went wrong) -- we'll begin to manifest what we speak. Focus on what you can do to push through the challenge, and don't over-dwell on the challenge itself.

Here are a couple more points that stuck with me: 
  • Be willing to be different. Thinking and speaking differently sometimes means doing the opposite of conventional thinking. Don't be afraid to do the opposite of standard/normal thinking. 
  • When speaking, don't speak in reaction; your words and tone should not be a reaction, but a response. Be intentional in your speaking.

A great book to have for any woman (or any gender really) of any vocation or career path!

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