READING CHALLENGE - Kim Kiyosaki's Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women. Take Charge Of Your Money, Take Charge Of Your Life

Book Synopsis:
Why do so many women accept the myth that men are better at investing? RICH WOMAN - which was self-published by The Rich Dad Company addresses this self-sabotaging habit head on and teaches women the essentials about finance. Key sections include:

The First Four Keys to Being a Successful Investor - Arm yourself with some financial education, start small, put a little money down, and stay close to home.

How to Get Smarter Quickly - Financial jargon can be intimidating. Kim Kiyosaki teaches the three easy rules to raising your financial IQ
increase your vocabulary every day, ask the basic questions about money, and don't worry about asking the wrong questions.

Why Women Make Great Investors - A recent Merrill Lynch report revealed that only 35 percent of women hold onto a losing investment for too long while 47 percent of men are guilty of the same mistake. Learn the strengths that women often have as investors.

This book is for you if you:
- never want to lose sleep over money again
- want to take control of your financial future
- and are tired of looking for a "rich Prince Charming" and demand financial independence!

Kim Kiyosaki's Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women provides a lot of insight on the power of investment as a vehicle to attaining more wealth, and the need for women to take that step towards investing. Investment was never meant to be just a ‘man’ thing; it's time women took their financial status into their own hands and gained control of their future. 

The book mainly focuses on real estate, which is great because real estate is a booming and evolving industry, however, it would've been even better if Kiyosaki had included other ways of investment. Also, some chapters covered quite a lot of dialogue between the author and her friends; again, I would've liked if it had a lot more details on various investment options, but I can understand the need to include the dialogue (you may understand it too when you read/listen to the book).

Rich Woman motivates women to take that leap and get some investments opportunites up and running. You don't have to wait for a man to always hold your hand or always fulfill your financial needs  you can have your own money and make your own investments. That's not to say you should go behind your partner and make investments without their knowledge  in fact, she emphasizes on having a supporting spouse and investing as a couple. But even if your spouse is't as supportive, you still shouldn't give up on that dream. 

It's hard to believe it was published in 2006; the information provided is still quite valuable in today's world. It's a great read, and I'll admit it got me fired up and brainstorming about investment opportunities. I love it when books get me that way – all hot n' bothered **wink** 

I encourage you to read it; it’s for any woman who loves money and desires to have more. I do – don't you? :P

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Genre: Nonfiction/Self-help
Material Connection: This book was purchased for my reading pleasure only.