Book Review: Making the Transition - Becoming the Unique Person God Created You to Be

Feb. 28, 2020

Back cover summary:
Do you find it hard to serve God the way others do? How can you know what His will is for your life? Are you trying to understand why you act the way you do? Making the Transition can help you find answers to these questions and more. You'll appreciate its relevance, practicality, and strong biblical foundation.

This workbook will help you identify the unique character God gave you, recognize the ways sin corrupted it, and work with Him to redeem it. You will discover how your spiritual gifts, personality traits, and interests equip you to fulfill your life purpose, like a specialized tool designed to perform a specific task. Doing God's will for your life can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

Larry Fox’s Making the Transition is a hands-on guide and workbook about recognizing who we are in Christ and detailing the process of identifying our gifts in accordance with our personality. Fox simplifies and breaks down categories of personalities and groups them with certain attributions, tendencies, and ultimate callings/gifts. The outstanding feature of this book is the simplicity and ease of the writings and words, and one can’t help but see Fox’s efforts to bring understanding to his reader in the simplest of ways.

One sure thing to take away from this book is the epiphany and realization that God gave us unique characters and characteristics, whether we’re introverted or extroverted. These characteristics and personalities are somehow tied to our gifts -- thus, our ultimate calling and purpose -- so we should never think we’re alone, a mistake, or an anomaly. We just need to:
1. accept this epiphany;
2. realize that the enemy will try to corrupt our unique personalities for his gain, and:
3. begin navigating our thinking towards fulfilling God’s plan for our life using our gifts.

A great read – and not just a read – a workbook that requires action and critical thinking from its readers.

Genre: Nonfiction/Self-help/Spirituality 
Material Connection: This book was purchased for my reading pleasure only.