15 Signs You're a Book Eccentric
If you’re reading this, then it means you either have some interest in books, or you somehow found yourself on this page and are probably slightly… curious. Read on and let’s find out if you embody the traits of a Book Eccentric. 

Graphic Literature - Pictures with Words or Words with Pictures?
It’s been interesting to see how much graphic novels have taken a turn in the last century. Not comic books, but graphic novels. Click to read more!

If you are a lover of literary fiction and you enjoy writing, here are a few helpful tips to use when trying your hand in literary writing. 

I Want to Become a Good Writer... Here's How!
No one becomes a great writer or author in one day, just like that. It takes practice, and lots of it, to be on the path towards becoming a successful author. In this article, we discover some tips on the best ways to keep a journal for writing improvement.

It's the 2018 Reading Challenge!
Happy 2018!! It's a new year and the season to make resolutions and promises to ourselves (that we most likely won’t keep after the first month! 😉While we're making resolutions, why don't we add one more to our list -- to read a certain number or types of books this year?

What is 'Book Eccentric'? Let's Find out Now
What is 'Book Eccentric'? I've had this question thrown at me a few times, so I figured it was time to write a blog post about it and share with everyone what the name of this blog really means.

What You Need to Know About Reading
I'll have this labeled as a friendly article that should serve to remind and enlighten us on the great benefits that reading -- especially literary fiction -- can give us. Read on!

Why I Do What I do - A Glimpse
As an editor and writer, I sometimes get asked why I do what I do, and how it is that I enjoy it so much. 
So, allow me to digress with this post – I’m going to talk less about books, and a little more about me

6 Emotional Books That'll Make You Cry
These tear-jerker pages will keep you turning page after page as a tear (or two) trickles down your hot cheek!

3 Simple Must-Dos for Self-Published Authors
As an author, how do you get word out there that your book is live and available? You absolutely must make these three simple moves.