Book Review: 'Daniel: A Strong Man is Faithful - A 30-Day Devotional', by Vince Miller

Jan. 5, 2024

Daniel was only a teenager when he was taken captive in Babylon. For the next 70 years, he lived far from home in an unfamiliar culture, suffering under an enemy king who worshipped false gods. Yet Daniel was faithful to God.
In this 30-day men’s devotional, author Vince Miller asks: Do you want to be a man who is faithful all the years of your life, no matter what persecution or circumstances you face? Every devotion in 
Daniel: A Strong Man Is Faithful includes a verse from the book of Daniel and a thoughtful reflection that motivates you to stay strong in difficult times. This in-depth book also includes:
  • Insights from the New Testament about living as a man of God
  • Challenging application questions and action steps
  • Prayer prompts focused on turning to God for guidance and strength
For any man who wants to learn from someone who was faithful even when society pushed him not to be, 
Daniel: A Strong Man Is Faithful is an accessible yet hard-hitting devotional that reminds us that faithfulness to God is possible even in a faithless world.


I've always been captivated by the story of Daniel from the Bible, as he truly embodies what it means to be a faithful servant. So I was excited when I came across this book and the opportunity to write a review. The author's writing style is not only simple but also profound, drawing you in and making you want to read the story of Daniel yet again, even if, like me, you've read it countless times before. 

In this devotional, we learn more about Daniel, the God he serves, and the Kings who ruled during his time. Each day of the devotional focuses on a specific verse from a chapter in the book of Daniel, followed by a reflection question, an action prompt, and a prayer point. This approach allows for deep reflection and application of the lessons learned from Daniel's life. Also, I loved that the author provides a blank page for journaling before moving to the next devotional chapter. 


Throughout different eras, we consistently discover parallels and similarities between the stories from the Bible and our current time. Just like Daniel, who remained steadfast in his faith in God during the uncertainties of his era, we too should strive to be faithful servants in our own uncertain times. Daniel was a remarkable man who fearlessly stood up for his faith and principles when others faltered. Even when faced with the threat of death, he remained unwavering in his faith. God is always seeking those who will love and serve Him faithfully, just as He did with Daniel. In the same vein, we are called to emulate Daniel's unwavering loyalty to God and his commitment to serving Him.  


While this book was primarily written for men, as a woman, I greatly enjoyed reading it. I encourage both men and women to read it because it offers practical and relatable reflections, prompts, and motivation to be more like Daniel, irrespective of gender. I highly recommend! 


I was gifted an ARC by DCC in exchange for an honest review! 'Daniel: A Strong Man is Faithful - A 30-Day Devotional' will be available for purchase on February 6, 2024. 


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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review of my book on Daniel. I'm grateful that you found the writing style engaging and the devotionals meaningful. Your recommendation for both men and women to read it is appreciated. I hope the book continues to inspire you in your faith journey.

    Vince Miller