Book Review: ‘Life is Messy, God is Good’ by Cynthia Yanof

Dec. 17, 2023

‘Life is Messy, God is Good’ by Cynthia Yanof was a pretty good read with a lighthearted, straight-forward, laid-back tone that made it easy to follow along and relate to. The book offers tips on a variety of topics, including marriage, family, travel, church, and more. I also liked that each chapter had a thought-provoking ‘messy truth’.

Chapters 1 and 6 spoke to me the most. Chapter 1 spoke on understanding the significance of being uniquely anointed by God. Being anointed isn’t just a title or label; it symbolizes a divine appointment for us to impact the world around us. When we walk in God's obedience, we become vessels of change. We shouldn’t be discouraged by the size of our calling or compare our purpose to someone else's, like we sometimes do. We are uniquely tailored to fulfill unique assignments.

Chapter 6 delves into a topic that resonates deeply with some Christians: church hurt. Sadly, many people have deeply experienced church hurt to the extent that they've abandoned their faith. I liked that the author doesn't assign blame or try to guilt those who have turned away; instead, she focuses on the pain that can result from such experiences.

If you've experienced church hurt, just remember that flawed church folks aren't God. Amidst the hurt, let's remember that God's love and grace are constant, and his goodness extends beyond the imperfections of any church. Don't allow past hurts to discourage you from finding a place where you can experience the goodness of God in the midst of imperfect people. Find a Bible-believing community that shares your values and provides genuine fellowship and support. There isn’t a church that’s without flaws, but we can still strive to grow and improve together.

There were lots of references to the author's personal life in some chapters that made them read more like a memoir. I get that it's important to use personal experiences to make the topic more real, but I would've liked for the chapters to focus much more on the teachings.

Nonetheless, a great book with plenty to take from. I highly recommend!

I was gifted an ARC by DCC Books in exchange for an honest review! ‘Life is Messy, God is Good’ will be published and available for purchase on February 6, 2024.


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