'When the Dogs Bark' out NOW

 Oct 18, 2023

've been so excited ever since When the Dogs Bark launched and went LIVE in the marketplace! William Roushey Jr. (Bill) is an incredible writer, and I’m not simply saying that because I may be biased since Bill is a former client of mine. It is the absolute TRUTH.

When the Dogs Bark made me see things in new and revelatory ways, specifically when it comes to our relationship with God as born-again Christians, and even though the book would appeal more to those who own dogs or love animals in general, I believe those who don't necessarily fit into this category can still learn a lot from it. Without giving away too much, here's the synopsis below. Grab a copy NOW when you can—it's a superb read.


Book synopsis

What is it about our dogs that endear us to them? Why do we treat them as if they were our children? Maybe it's because of the contagious joy, hope, and wonder we see in their eyes. A dog's faith in us rests on the proposition that we love them as much as they love us.

How do we respond to that faith?

When the Dogs Bark takes readers on a twenty-six-year journey through the author's life, including marriage, children, the workplace, and his father's battle with cancer. Through it all, dogs remained by his side, teaching him without words.

In When the Dogs Bark, discover how dogs

  • practice ideal interpersonal relationship skills.
  • reflect the essential tenets of the Christian faith of faith, hope, joy, and love.
  • mirror the type of relationship God desires to have with us.

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