Christian Book Highlight: 'The 28-Day Prayer Journey'

 Aug. 31, 2023

FEATURED BOOK: 'The 28-Day Prayer Journey: A Daily Guide to Conversations with God', by Chrystal Evans Hurst⁣
'The 28-Day Prayer Journey' has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Robust with simple yet powerful prayer points that I never realized were needed to pray. If you're looking to dive deeper in your Christian prayer life, this book is a must-have. Not only will it teach you how to pray in depth for yourself, but it will also show you how to pray for others. ⁣
Each day has different topics, which allows you to cover a wide range of needs and concerns as you pray. From morning to afternoon and evening, this book helps to develop an easy, consistent prayer routine throughout the day. There are also reflection points at the end of each week to help you pause and evaluate the progress of your prayer journey for that week. ⁣
I can personally attest to how much my prayer life improved with this book. An invaluable resource, and one I encourage you to get if it's a topic that's of interest to you.⁣
This is the last book that concludes my Christian books highlights for August!⁣
I've thoroughly enjoyed featuring these amazing books in the last four weeks. They've helped refresh my memory about so many important things I had learned but had forgotten. I hope you've been able to pick a thing or two from them as well. Feel free to save these posts so you can read them again whenever you want.⁣

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