Book Review - Mindjack Trilogy

Kira is an outcast in her world. She can't read minds like everyone else around her. In the new world, everyone communicates through mind-reading once they clock a certain age of maturity. Except Kira. She's the only one who speaks out loud; her teachers in school have to speak out loud when teaching, just for her benefit. She is sneered at and glared with disdain by everyone. She is an anomaly.

Until the day she breaks out. But not as a Reader, like every one else, but as something much more. She discovers there are actually people just like her -- known as Jackers -- but her abilities are much stronger, on a much higher dimension than that of those of her kind. Ofcourse, in situations like this, there are always people jealous and envious of such power and control, so thus begins the story of Kira as she runs for and fights for her life, not just to save herself from such people, but to save her loved ones as well.

Susan Kaye Quinn’s Open Minds is entertaining, gripping, exciting, exhilarating, intriguing and everything else in between. It's a story of a young girl’s courage and strength as she battles the power within herself as well as outside forces. It's the story of redemption, endurance, love, betrayal, trust, will power and acceptance. On top of that, it's also a heck of an entertaining and adventurous read; you can practically feel the wheels turning in your head, read the minds of people just as Kira does, 'jack' people to control their thoughts, just like Kira does. Infact, you come out of this read convinced you are a 'Jacker' yourself😎. That’s how good this read is.

Open Minds is followed by its sequel, Closed Hearts, followed by the last in the trilogy, Free Souls. There are also miniseries of the Mindjack Trilogy, which are told from the perspectives of the heroes as well as the heroines in the book, Kira included. If you're not much into Sci-Fi, somehow these books will melt away whatever misgivings or fears you may have had about reading anything scifi-related. Quinn makes it so easy for anyone to adapt to the books.

I can’t think of anything in the novels that I may have been disappointed about. Each book was packed with as much adrenaline as was expected. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a very adventurous read.


DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Purchased by me for my reading pleasure only