Interview with Alan T. Black, Author of Here I Am Lord

I was privileged to invite Mr. Black for an interview with BooKecCenTric and discuss his writing habits, writing tricks, muses and inspiration, and everything else writing-related. Here is a little excerpt of our interview below. Enjoy!

Why do you write? Does it energize or exhaust you?
AlanTBlack: In looking back, I have always been a writer in some shape, form or fashion.  I have found that in my journey across life, sometimes the most engaging manner of expression is in the written word. Writers are called to do so as a means of potentially impacting those that are around us and as well as to create  that desire in others to go deeper within their own selves.

What is your niche genre, and if you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?
AlanTBlack: At this junction in my life's journey, the niche that I am drawn to is Christian inspirational/motivational. I am continuing to explore deeper the aspect of being in a position of hopefully providing some measure of inspiration and/or motivation to others. If I were to write in another genre it would more than likely be something along the lines of history/philosophy.  

Do you try more to be original in your writing, or do you give your readers what they want?
AlanTBlack: I try to make it a point to be original. When I am writing, it is coming from the heart. My attitude is to write what I am feeling and my hope and prayer is that my readers will draw from what I have written what they feel speaks to them.  

What message do you wish to pass across with your book(s)?
AlanTBlack: My primary message is to highlight the importance of answering a call that we have. It is imperative that we as individuals are willing to embrace challenges that lie before us and in doing so we demonstrate that the fears and doubts that we may face are not enough to cause us to remain at a standstill.