What is ‘Book Eccentric’? Let’s Find out Now

September 9, 2017

Courtesy: Quirkbooks.com
What is 'Book Eccentric'? I’ve had this question thrown at me a few times, so I figured it was time to write a blog post about it and share with everyone what the name of this blog really means. 

I came up with the term Book Eccentric because it defines a certain group of people who obsess over books and their play on words et cetera, and although the term may not make much sense at first utterance, it is intended to make you pause and consider its meaning before you come to a conclusion.

I love books and I love reading them. Reading takes me to a different sphere and does really amazing things to my mind. Undoubtedly, there are people who feel exactly the same way I do about books, but admittedly we aren’t in the majority. Because of our unique love for books, we are considered nerds, aesthetic, even eccentric.

Think about the word eccentric. Used either as a verb or a noun, it is defined as something or someone unusual, quirky, weird, even abnormal. Now there are people who love books, and there are others who loove books. These latter group are obsessed with them; their feelings toward books could be termed abnormal to the outside world, but totally normal within ‘their kind’. Their feelings go beyond a mere love for reading and further dwells on their appreciation of literature as an art. Their attitude with books are totally eccentric. They’re not simply book nerds… they’re Book Eccentrics.

Courtesy: Quirkbooks.com
Book Eccentrics dwell more on the arrangement of words and their meaning, how they change the way we experience things, and even the way we see ourselves. Book Eccentrics are aesthetically aware of the beauty that lies in the crafting of words that bring awareness, and are appreciative of the authors that put these words together. Book Eccentrics long to give others the opportunity to see what they see by sharing what they've learned through reading. In simpler terms, Book Eccentrics are high-end book nerds!

Want to know more about what makes one a Book Eccentric? Read 15 Signs You’re a Book Eccentric and find out for yourself if you’re one of us, or are on your way to becoming one of us. It’s a life you can never get bored of living, I can promise you that ;)