15 Signs You're a Book Eccentric

September 6, 2017

Ahh, the beautiful world of books. If you’re reading this, then it means you either have some interest in books, or you somehow found yourself on this page and are probably slightly… curious. Either way, whether you’re a new visitor or a regular, come play a little game with me and let’s find out if you embody the traits of a Book Eccentric. If you say Yes to all 15 scenarios below, then you’re most certainly one of us. *Big wink*

You're a Book Eccentric if...

1.    Reading is definitely on your hobby list – or perhaps your only one. You do little else in your spare time. Maybe watch a little TV here and there, maybe hang out now and then, but 85% of your 'play' time is spent with your eyes buried in a book

2.    Your eyes light up when you drive or walk by a bookstore. You have the urge to just pop in quickly and look around, even though you know doing so will make you late for work, or school, or that job interview

3.    While at the bookstore, even if you don’t buy a book, the mere sight and touch and feel of them… is enough to satisfy you. Temporarily. Until your next trip to the bookstore… tomorrow. When you actually buy a book

4.    You make mental notes and correct errors you come across on your social media feeds. Yes, that one friend on Facebook that keeps mis-using ‘you’re’ and ‘your’. Ughh

5.    You have a hard time pinpointing a favorite book – because you've read too many amazing books to decide on one

6.    You’re confused by people who say they don’t read. What’s life like for these people, you wonder

7.    You mourn a favorite character’s death like they were your real-life relative, best friend or spouse

8.    You love love love the scent of a fresh new paperback

9.    Your heart fills up with joy and climactic anticipation just staring at your e-book collection of unread books, or holding newly-purchased print copies in your hands

10. You find way deeper meanings and interpretations to a book’s theme than the author ever intended

11. You most likely majored in English. Or Literature. Or both

12. You laugh or gasp out loud while reading in public. Who cares who’s watching? Something major just happened to your fav character!

13. You try to convert others to become a Book Eccentric like you... you shake your head in disappointment when they look at you like you’re an alien

14. You absolutely cannot and will not watch the movie until you finish the book. Period.

15. You have serious book hangovers that last for days. You’re still reeling over what just happened to Will in Me Before You (by Jojo Moyes), shocked that it really did happen and wondering why he couldn't have somehow worked it out with Louisa whom he’d fallen in love with and who loved him back. Yep, major hangover

Did you affirm to all 15 signs? 13? How about 10? If you said Yes to even 1 of the above signs, then you’re on your way to becoming a Book Eccentric.

That’s right. It’s time to embrace the eccentric in you ;)