Ahh... eccentric. Synonyms for this word: bizarre; anomaly; unusual; defies all odds; opposite of ordinary. 

Eccentric. Pretty much the only word that describes my attitude with books. I live and thrive in books... books with words that entice, that challenge, that are exquisitely written to play mind games with the reader, exposing the reader's inner feelings, and 'epiphanizing' the reader's mind. Books with words that provoke, invoke, incite, excite. Books with words that give us the insight to become better people. 

I'm an editor, writer, and lover of literature and language. A professional with a strong background in publishing and over 8 years of combined experience in writing book reviews and newsletters, editing articles, press releases as well as full-length book manuscripts. I've always been passionate about reading from the beginning of time, so it's no surprise that, decades later, I still find myself giddy with excitement when I hear about the release of a new book by a favorite author, or hold the paperback in my hands... or have the e-book downloaded in my tablet! Yesss!

This informal blog was created for the purpose of bringing all book lovers together -- authors and readers alike --, to share our infatuation with words and knowledge, and to discuss the beauty that lies in the crafting of words. With this in mind, I promote books as well as take on reviews with the intent to lend a hand to authors and publishers, by acknowledging their hard work and also recognizing their accomplishments. 

Feel free to contact me with suggestions or comments on anything you would like to see explored on my site. I'm always open to all and everything that has to do with learning more about books and literature, for my benefit as a continuous learner, but more importantly for the benefit of readers all over. 

Enjoy the site

Founder & Editor

PS: Still curious about what 'BooKecCenTric' means? You are? Read this post!


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Yvonne's books

Havah: The Story of Eve
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Anne of Green Gables
Romeo and Juliet
The Time Traveler's Wife
New Moon
Animal Farm
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Hunger Games
Sister, Sister
Getting Hers
Divas, Inc.
Big Girls Don't Cry
An Ordinary Woman
Dying for Revenge
Sleeping with Strangers
Waking with Enemies

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