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WL (Bud) Gorman is a retired Canadian army officer who has lived in many interesting places and faced some interesting challenges.  He and his wife live outside of Ottawa where a small-town lifestyle suits them best.  Bud’s longstanding passion is writing.  He has completed several stage plays and screenplays, but his main focus is on writing novels.  He is also a self-taught drummer who loves rock and roll and the blues. Through his published books, Bud hopes to generate financial support for veterans in need.

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Last book read: EREBUS by Michael Palin

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 Haven't found it yet.

Any advice to new/aspiring authors: If you are serious about writing, understand that it will be a lot of work, a lot of frustration and ... did I mention it will be a lot work? But if you are meant to be an author, you will find the fun while you are doing the hard work.



The Brickbox (Aug 2020)

Jude Zander is a shy, inexperienced small-town girl who has disguised herself as a boy and is on the run from an abusive father. She desperately wants to find her mother who left her without warning.

Jude has never been in a city before. Soon after she arrives, she is confronted by hookers, bikers and street punks... and she avoids the police because of an incident with her father. Her only contact in the city is an aunt who wants nothing to do with her. Alone and without survival skills, Jude drifts on the streets until she meets Rags and Gunner, two old panhandlers who offer her a place to stay at an old abandoned warehouse they call The Brickbox. After Rags saves her from a dangerous punk named Pits, he introduces Jude to a diverse group of battered and discarded street people whose resilience, humanity and humor surprise her. They all do their best to teach Jude how to survive on the streets, except for one of them... an ex-cop who wants Jude gone.

When she is ultimately forced to face her oppressive father in court, Jude's street friends find the one witness who can save her. 

Strong men.  Strong women.  Difficult times.

In Ontario in the 21st century, anarchy is in the wind. The Canadian government has collapsed. and crime and terror dominate everyday life. In an attempt to regain the initiative and restore stability, Caroline Marcus, the interim Premier of Ontario hires operational specialists from a foreign private military company – what some people call... Mercenaries! Steven Grace, a former Canadian special forces operator is one of them. Though highly competent and experienced, Grace has a sullied past. His return to a now-chaotic Ontario forces him and his team to take on some dangerous missions, but it also offers him a hope of gaining redemption – from his former country, from a father who has forsaken him… and from Alexis Hood, the Premier’s chief of staff and the former love of his life whom he left behind. 




Book: The Brickbox

Thoroughly enjoyed The Brickbox. It was a great novel for a rainy afternoon as the author introduced the reader to an interesting group of characters. One was able to imagine that those who chose to live on the street were so organized and for the most part were compassionate and protective as they were to the main character. The Brickbox is both educational and entertaining.

(Amazon Review)


Book: The Brickbox

Just finished reading this debut novel and enjoyed following the various characters living within and associated with The Brickbox. The humanity, compassion and caring shown by the people portrayed inside this novel give credence to the old adage “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Follow them on this heart rendering story. (Amazon Review)


Book: The Brickbox

This was a fabulous story of a young runaway girl who heads to the streets, and meets an interesting array of characters! Would be a great TV series! (Goodreads Review)



BooKecCenTric had the priviledge of interviewing Bud Gorman to discuss his latest book The Brickbox and the inspiration behind it.


What's your book about, and what inspired you to write it?
I have had an interest in homeless people for a long time.  In the summer before my last year of university, some buddies and I worked on an isolated railroad gang in the middle of the British Columbia Rockies.  We met a lot of interesting people that summer … immigrants from Europe, full time railroad workers, indigenous men.  They were all memorable, but the ones who made the biggest impression on me were the homeless men.  I knew nothing about people who lived on the streets. Some of these men were working on the gang because they were given the choice of jail or the rail gang.