Taetrece Harrison


Taetrece Harrison happily lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, she fights for justice by day as an attorney and by night she puts on her author or poetry hat depending on her mood. When she isn’t writing, Taetrece enjoys attending festivals or singing karaoke.

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Last book read: Becoming by Michelle Obama
One book that changed your life: Too many to name



Book: B!tch Hunt

A timely look at the role of prejudice and race with women of color
Though the title will definitely get attention, the book itself is well worth the read. B!tch Hunt by Taetrece Harrison shows that women (including herself) have gone through challenges and difficulties as they not only pursue their careers but try to navigate life. The book takes a look at not just these women and their journey to realizing a dream but the obstacles they faced to hold on to it. Some were successful. Others were not. For me the book is all about realizing what challenges are out there even today for minorities in general and women of color in particular. It also reminds us of what is possible if we don't give up on our hopes and fears.
-- Cyrus Webb, Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2020

Book: B!tch Hunt

Real, Riveting and Eye opening!!!!!
The author brings the reader into their world of powerful women whose life's goal was to uplift humanity and allows you to see and feel the atrocities afflicted upon them. The reader will come away with an understanding of who those women are and what they had to give. I could not stop reading, and at the end, I wanted more!!
-- lgd, Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2020



BooKecCenTric had the priviledge of interviewing Taetrece Harrison to discuss her latest book B!tch Hunt and the inspiration behind it.

What's your book about, and what inspired you to write it?
Each chapter is about a different woman and their stories are true. Each woman is an attorney; however, some are judges, or were a judge or a candidate for judge. Each story discusses the life of each woman slightly from the beginning, their education and start of their career. The story develops into a conflict which occurs with each of them. All of the conflicts are different but their situations are similar because of who they are perceived to be the known or unknown person or persons who initiate the conflict.  The stories are told from a narrative standpoint.