Audrius Razma


Audrius Razma

I am a native Lithuanian and I am writing to help readers rediscover their subcultures. I'm not a seasoned writer yet but I am passionate about building fantasy platforms to share. 

I am hoping to be known for as a Lithuanian who can create and write stories in English, and also set a benchmark for the rest of Lithuanians. We are a small population, and with none yet capable to define writing in English at least to my scale and knowledge. 

I know there are plenty of writers out there but I am lucky enough to think I am in a position to be known not as the best writer in a category of native English writer, but from foreign language writers who are portraying unique footprints with their own cultural footprints.

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Last book read: Ikigai
One book that changed your life: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the movies
Any advice to new/aspiring authors: I hope you will not give up to write because those who write will live on forever.



BooKecCenTric had the priviledge of interviewing Audrius Razma to discuss his latest book Sakura in the Gravity and the inspiration behind it.

What's your book about, and what inspired you to write it?
Is about Lithuanians in one night out in Japan receives a text message from an unknown number offering money for killing Yakuza.