BIPOC Authors in Canada

July 1, 2021

Today, Canada Day, I choose to reflect on and celebrate BIPOC authors in Canada by showcasing a few amazing fiction books on my bookshelf written by them🧡

These authors have used their works as tools to showcase their beautiful cultures, but also as voices that bring awareness to, and fight against, overwhelming issues such as systemic racism, discrimination, and loss of identity that continue to threaten the BIPOC communities, cultures, and identities in Canada.

I can't deny the love for the Canada of today that I call home, but long before it was mine, it was the rightful home of the Indigenous peoples, and our nation still has a long way to go in owning up to past mistakes, especially given the recent painful discovery of mass unmarked graves of Indigenous children at residential school sites across Canada.

It's imperative that we start doing better in righting wrongs and making concrete efforts to eradicate racism & discrimination, among other issues still deeply entrenched within the system, and I sincerely hope for a more united and equal-opportunities nation in the months and years to come🧡

If you haven't read any of the featured books, I really recommend you do!

💥 The Book of Negros (Historical, colonialism, social issues)
💥 The Marrow Thieves (Dystopian, social issues, Indigenous)
💥 Frying Plantain (short stories, social issues)
💥 The Break (Thriller, social issues, Indigenous)
💥 Gutter Child (Dystopian, colonialism, social issues)
💥 The Boat People (immigration, social issues)

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