Book Review - Afterlife Allegiances

Book Summary:
Despite the successful destruction of the Atumra’s Chicago headquarters by AfterLife, Wes discovers there is no relief from the surge of attacks being waged against them by Atumra soldiers. Committed to their pursuit of gaining supremacy over the living, the Body has appointed a nameless leader to take Seth’s place. Additionally, Seth is working in Washington D.C. to build an independent army of his own. Attempting to maintain the peace and protect the living while fighting defensively against two fronts, Wes and the others must make their own pact with a group of antemorts known as the Isisians in an effort to turn things in their favor. The future of all mankind, antemort or Mortui, may depend on it.

AfterLife Allegiances, the second book in the AfterLife series, is a fast paced, compelling story of shifting alliances and deception that takes the reader further into the world of the Mortui and the escalating struggle between the living and the dead. Even after death the battle to survive continues and the need for strong, trustworthy alliances is greater than ever.

Just like S.P. Cloward's AfterLife Book 1, AfterLife Allegiances is fully fast-paced and takes you on a dauntless and quite enjoyable journey into the world of the Mortui - the living dead who are like zombies but not exactly zombies. The Mortuis have souls and function like a living person - it's only their physical bodies that are dead. Just like vampires, they have no heartbeat, and they also have to feed in order to survive. However, rather than feed on blood, they feed on human energy or source of life, through a connection with the eyes. They go through some body-replenishing rituals in order to prevent their bodies from decaying and in order to keep it connected to their souls.

Wesley joins the AfterLife community and joins the fight against the Atumra - the evil group of Mortuis whose purpose is to have total control and eventually destroy the living humans - the Antemorts. As he trains and develops his abilities, he discovers other abilities he possesses, abilities very rare and thus very valuable to the Mortui race. The series as a whole is a different take on zombie stories and a very entertaining one.

There were interesting character developments that were taken to great levels in AfterLife Allegiances. The Isisians, another group of paranormals that were introduced, gave the novel a more adventurous and mysterious angle, and it was interesting to note the similarities and the joint history between the Isisians and the Mortui race as they go way back to before ancient Egypt. The twist at the end of the book was also quite enjoyable to say the least. Without giving much away, let's say it is a twist with a tint of ironic humor that no reader should miss.

The beginning of the novel did start rather abruptly. It had no convenient refresher on significant events from Book I, and given the three-year gap between Book I and Book II, a few events may have been forgotten by the reader. A quick refresher in the first chapter (or perhaps a prologue) on where events stopped in Book I would've been helpful.

AfterLife Allegiances is certainly action-packed and definitely a book you can't put down once you get in the flow. This series would look fantastic on screen - a movie depiction would be every AfterLife fan's dream come true. I'll be anxiously waiting for the much-anticipated release of Book III!

If you love to read, you should pick this one up. If you're into para-normal fiction, you definitely have to pick this one up. Enjoy!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I was given a copy of this book by the publicist in exchange for an honest review.

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