Interview with Carla Feagan, Author of A Life Worth Living; The Journey of an Authentic Soul

Jul. 25, 2018
I was privileged to invite Ms. Feagan for an interview with BooKecCenTric to discuss her latest bookA Life Worth Living; The Journey of an Authentic Soul. Enjoy!


What's your book about, and what inspired you to write it? 
@CarlaFeagan: The book is a memoir about my life. By allowing others to hear my truth, my understanding of my life, my trials, tribulations, strengths, and weaknesses shows that they are not alone. For this is also their story, not in whole, but in parts, in the emotional parts, in the parts that are hidden, in the parts that they are ashamed to acknowledge. The ability to help people understand that there is a way out... to live a life they truly deserve.

Who is your target audience, and why do you think this book will appeal to them
@CarlaFeagan: My main target audience is women from ages 30 to 65 as most women have an internal belief system that interacts with their daily life. This audience has more ability to resonate with the stories in the memoir and either see how far they have come or determine what still needs to be worked on.

What message do you wish to pass across to your readers with this book
@CarlaFeagan: The main message is that you are not alone. Others have had hard times and belief systems that are not good for them. There is a way out, not to allow the past to affect the person you are in the here and now.

What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book? 
 @CarlaFeagan: I would have to say the business of publishing is the hardest thing. The writing was the easy part. It is getting the book into the hands of the reader that is the challenging part as it needs to be looked at as a business, not a hobby.

As a writer, is there anything you've learned about yourself while writing this book
@CarlaFeagan: The writing of the book was extremely cathartic for me. It put the pieces of the puzzle of my life into perspective and I came to a higher understanding of why I made the decisions I did. I have moved forward, and those past beliefs no longer have control of me.

For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hard back books, and why?   
@CarlaFeagan: I love traditional paperback books for many reasons. The main one is it brings me to a place of comfort as I was an avid reader in my youth and the smell and feel of a paperback always brings me back to this safe space. Also, I don’t have to worry about running out of battery with a paperback.

What is your niche genre, and if you were to write in a different genre, what would it be? 
@CarlaFeaganThis is my debut book. It is a memoir; however, I have another book waiting to be let out about the year I spent traveling the world by myself. Poetry has also shed its skin and come out while writing.  That may be another avenue I explore.  From this thought pattern I gather that my niche genre would be non-fiction.

What books and authors have most influenced you? @CarlaFeagan: I am an avid reader spanning multiple genre’s. The authors that have influenced me are many I am afraid to write them as the list will be long and I will probably forget them. Steven King – the Dark Tower Series, Diana Gabaldon – the Outlander series are two that immediately come to mind.

Is there anything you'd like readers to know about you? @CarlaFeagan: I am an extreme introvert at heart. While I have learned to be more extroverted, I quite enjoy my alone time.

Do you have any more books in the works?
@CarlaFeagan: I have a few ideas percolating and once this book has launched I am certainly going to explore writing another book … or two … or four 😊

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones? @CarlaFeagan: I don’t feel like there are any bad reviews. If something I write does not resonate with someone then I don’t take it personally. My job as a writer is not to try and please everyone it is to make an impression on those who resonate with my topic. So, yes, I read my book reviews, if the bad ones offer constructive criticism I learn from it. If the bad reviews are because of topic, genre or someone got triggered then I don’t take it personally as that is their perspective.

What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, Goodreads, etc.)? 
@CarlaFeagan: The contact form on my website is the best way to get in contact with me.  However, I do respond to all forms of contact.


Carla Feagan was born in Changi, Singapore on a British RAF Base. After Singapore, her family moved to England and then to Canada when she was 7. Carla has lived all over Western and Central Canada including the North West Territories. She holds an honors degree in Computer Systems Technology and has worked as a salesperson, an accountant, a computer programmer, a manager, and a business owner.  In 2015, she left her job to experience her own EAT, PRAY, LOVE journey to 21 countries for a year.  Carla currently lives and works remotely from Playa del Carmen, MX, understanding the true value in creating the life you want.

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