Interview with D.T. Williams, Author of For Better or For Worse

May 26, 2018

I was privileged to invite Ms. Williams for an interview with BooKecCenTric to discuss her latest bookFor Better or For Worse. Enjoy!


Thank you @DTWilliams for your time today. Let’s talk about For Better or For Worse. What’s it about, and what inspired you to write it?

What's your book about, and what inspired you to write it?
@DTWilliams: My book is about the ups and downs of romantic relationships. I focus on the coming together of two special characters from various backgrounds and how they build and maintain a healthy bond with one another. After a few short stories and poems, I was inspired to write a full-length novel about a young couple who navigates through adulthood together.

Who is your target audience, and why do you think this book will appeal to them?
@DTWilliams: I definitely hope to gain the attention of young African-American women and men. I believe they will find interest in this book due to the fact that it focuses on similar situations that they may have experienced.

What message do you wish to pass across to your readers with this book?
@DTWilliams: The message I hope to relay to the reader is that life as well as relationships has its ups and downs and although the struggle can be difficult any obstacle that we are faced with is just a test to make us stronger.

What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
@DTWilliams: The main thing I struggle with when working on any of my novels is making sure I'm perfecting each chapter to the best of my ability. Sometimes when writing there is so much creativity going on in my head it's hard to express it all on paper, so I have to take my time and make sure each piece of the puzzle is put together properly.

As a writer, is there anything you've learned about yourself while writing this book?
@DTWilliams: If I've learned anything about myself through writing I've learned that I'm passionate about what I do. In the beginning of my writing career I passed it off as a hobby or something to do that occupies my time, but with each character I create and each story I form together I can see now that this is what has my heart. I am a writer.

For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books, and why?  
@DTWilliams: Although ebooks are more accessible I do prefer reading hardbacks instead. I'm just so used to physical paper that I can pick up and put down at my own leisure where has when dealing with electronics it can become a hassle.

What is your niche genre, and if you were to write in a different genre, what would it be?
@DTWilliams: My genre is mainly romance. Whether it is romantic comedy, romantic drama, or romantic suspense at the end of the day I am all about the romance. If I could write any other genre it would more than likely be murder mystery. I feel this genre involves a lot of thinking, planning and strategies keeping the reader on edge.

What books and authors have most influenced you?
@DTWilliams: White Lines by Tracy Brown; Scarred by Twyla Turner; The doctor's secret bride by Anna E Ross… I could go on but then we'll be here all day but each one of these books definitely gave me a push to pursue writing fully.

Is there anything you'd like readers to know about you?
@DTWilliams: My purpose of writing is to share my work with interested readers from similar and diverse backgrounds. Aside from writing I'm also a personal reviewer who loves to encourage and give helpful feedback to authors just like me.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?
@DTWilliams: I do read my own book reviews, reason being I want to see what the reader liked about my work as well as what they didn't like. It helps me when writing in the future to know what establishes a connection with my audience and what I need improvement on.

@DTWilliams: What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, Goodreads, etc.)?

Any additional comments you would like to add?
@DTWilliams: I just want to thank BooKecCenTric for giving me this interview and I thank all readers who enjoyed getting to know me a little better.


My name is D. T. Williams. I was raised in Lake City, Florida where I have lived all of my life and now I reside in Orlando. I took a strong liking to books at a very young age and have maintained that same passion as an adult. I have always indulged myself in reading many books from different authors some of which inspired me to create my own work.

Writing for me came a little later in my years; it first started out with poems, short stories until I finally created my first novel. I have now been inspired to showcase my talent to the world in hopes to entertain and inspire others. Now that I am pursing further education I choose to continue to grow in the knowledge of reading and writing. I hope you all will join me on this journey in helping me achieve success through my work.

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