Why Men Are From Earth and Women Are Not From Venus

Mark Laverdiere's Why Men Are From Earth and Women Are Not From Venus discusses the thought processes of men, and what women in general expect (or don't expect) from them. This self-help book explains the (apparently non-existent) ulterior motives behind men’s actions, and how it's interpreted from the woman's view point. In other words, the book reveals the real meaning behind men’s actions, serves as a help guide for women and men -- for women who can’t seem to understand the men in their lives and are seeking to further come to terms with why men act the way they do, and for men to better understand the best ways to communicate with their women in order to achieve greater results for the benefit of both parties.

Laverdiere is hilarious in his depiction of the man/woman relationship and communication, and you can’t help but laugh out loud at almost every paragraph of every chapter that you come across. It’s funny because you can relate to it whether you are male or female; it’s funny because of the irony and sarcasm that are behind some of the comments he makes, and it’s downright funny when he paints the male species as being clueless in almost everything they say or do. His words paint an adorable picture of the way men think of women, as perhaps beautiful aliens with sexy horns, crazy eyes and insane thought processes, a species they can never quite understand but can never quite live without.

As funny as each chapter is, the pages give real life scenarios of relationship issues such as communication, honesty, forgiveness, sex, money, and back to communication. The key foundation to every successful relationship is great communication. As long as there is communication, everything else can follow. With clear communication between both parties, any dispute can be resolved, with the open-mindedness for understanding and compromise.

Why Men Are From Earth and Women Are Not From Venus is a short but real ultimate guide to a successful relationship with your spouse, and a truly hilarious one too. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

GENRE: Non-fiction; Relationship advice
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