Delirium Trilogy - A Review

In a unique utopian society set in the far future, love is a most deadly disease that must be extricated from humans through an operation. Once a citizen clocks eighteen, they must undergo this surgery, and then immediately matched with a partner, with whom they copulate and live the rest of their lives, in peace and unity – without the dangers of 'love'.

Lena, a teenager who lost her mother to the disease when she was younger, looks forward to the operation that would make her free and whole, far from the dangers of this disease that had taken over her mother and rendered her the source of disdain and horror to the entire town.

But alas, everything isn't as it is supposed to be. Lena falls in love before her surgery date, and thus begins the adventure of a lifetime as she, and others, fight for their right to love and to live freely.

The Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver is written superbly, in the most unique, eloquent, and exciting way possible that any futuristic book can ever be written. Oliver's words take the reader to another level of excitement that has never been experienced before, with any book, or any genre. Her storyline is quite picturesque, makes you believe you're right there in the middle of the town, loving like they are, running as they are, hating as they are, and hiding like they are. You feel the disdain that the 'cureds' (the term used for those who've gone through the surgery) feel towards the 'infected', you feel the pain of the infected, the isolation felt, the intense love they experience, and the joy as well as pain that they encounter because of it.

The second book, Pandemonium, although exciting in itself, isn't quite as dramatic as the first book.  It's not to say that it isn't equally as revealing, because it is. So let's say you read the first book and then read the third, you just won't get it. It is imperative that you read the second book, because it is what happens in the first two that sets the ball rolling for the third.

Raquiem, the final book in the trilogy, brings to an end the chain of adventures and rebellion that began at the start of the book. Raquiem reveals, or rather, answers questions that were pondered on in the first two books. It, however, did not end as I had hoped it would. I thought there were so many unanswered questions, so many stones left unturned. There were many events that I thought would end differently, many confrontations I thought would result differently. But my wishes didn't happen; Oliver indeed disappointed me in these areas. However, other readers might feel differently about this.

All in all, Oliver is a superb writer. I would recommend her books to anyone looking for a fantastic (literally speaking) read full of adventure, love and passion, and some darned great lines.

You can also check out the novellas that accompany the books; they are for the reader to get to know the characters more. (You don't have to buy them in order to follow the storyline, but if you do want to get a detailed explanation for why a character acted a certain way in Book 1 or 2, then you can purchase the quick reads also.) Enjoy the books!

GENRE: Futuristic YA
MATERIAL CONNECTION: Purchased for reading pleasure only